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    What is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset used as a medium of exchange. The most famous one is Bitcoin.Other Common terms for cryptocurrencies are digital tokens or digital assets.They are all stored in distributed ledgers called blockchains.Each blockchain has its own digital token. In the case of Bitcoin,it is the Bitcoin token .Some Examples are Ethereum,Litecoin,Monero etc.

    The US Bitcoin Market

    A US Survey found that only 14% of people have ever owned Bitcoins. While 40% of Americans said that they were open to the idea.The study found that younger people were more likely to view Bitcoin favorably than older People.

    What this mean is that there’s currently huge, long –overdue growth in the market as more young people are interested in investing in BTC. So, a small purchase now before the market explodes in popularity could potentially pay offer in just a few short years for Bitcoin sellers in the USA as more people drive an increase in demand for this popular financial product.

    Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

    The best way to start buying coins is by opening a wallet with one of the large cryptocurrency exchange websites. To open an account each user needs to provide an official document ID. At the exchange, you can buy most of the popular coins and hold them in the same Wallet.It is Convenient and will save you a lot of time.


    Coinbase is the most popular Bitcoin online exchange in the US. It operates in a number of European countries as well and provides best in class user experience and usability. It should be pointed out that coinbase is one of the few exchanges which insures all the funds stored on its platform. The Company offers a mobile app as well.


    Cex allows for buying with credit card or bank transfer. The exchange has worldwide coverage and offers a trading platform with the ability for margin trading as well.

    US Coin Market:

    Uscoinmarket is the best instant cryptocurrency exchange platform with the best exchange rates for BTC,ETH,XRP and 2000+ other cryptocurrencies. The services boasts a portfolio features,an ICO list,as well as section dedicated to news,guides,exchanges, and upcoming events.

    A very neat feature of US Coin Market is represented by the fact that users can quickly access a summary of a coin’s features, the latest news related to that specific cryptocurrency,and a dedicated selection of how-to guides.


    Local Bitcoins is a peer to peer Bitcoin exchange. Buyers and sellers agree on trade terms. The exchange connects local people who want to trade bitcoins. Payment methods are determined by the sellers,you can buy coins with Paypal, Via bank wire or even with cash.


    Kraken is US based cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. It operates in Europe as well. It offers Bitcoin Margin trading. Bank transfers are the only way to buy bitcoins from kraken.

    Where You Manage Coins?

    Coins like Bitcoin are stored in the “Wallets”. The difference is that in the crypto World,you don’t have a third party like a financial institution,taking care of your money.In the case of a Capital loss or a security breach,there is no rollback.

    To start Using Bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies,You first need a Crypto wallet. The Wallet stores the User’s Private and public Keys,which allows for sending and receiving coins. The only role of the Wallet is to keep the user’s private keyssafe and connect to the corresponding blockchain. It allows for the Movement of funds between parties. Think of your private key as your home key,if you give it to someone else,he will have as much power as you and that coins are never stored in your Wallet,Who owns how much Bitcoin is tracked in the Blockchain.

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