The pre-ico price for one BTCEX token is $0.03.

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    I know that this is a wonderful site linked to real investment. Bitcoin Executives seeks to digitize the entire operation.

    ICO and Promotions

    The BTCEX presale began on June 10, 2018. The company is offering upto 40% bonus in pre-ico sale which is already in process from June 15, 2018. The pre-ico price for one BTCEX token is $0.03.

    The main ICO crowd-sale begins on July 1, 2018, and will offer 60% of the total tokens for sale to the public. Phase 2 of the ICO will begin in August of 2018, following the launch of the Bitcoin Executives mobile app.

    The company is currently offering an exciting promotion in which individuals can receive free BTCEX before phase 1 of the ICO. By sharing free coins with other wallets, the most avid participants can win up to 1,000,000 BTCEX free of charge.

    Acording to my knowledge this modern company hopes to seize large market shares to create tech-based solutions that will inevitably lead to greater freedom and higher profits to all real estate owners, brokers, and investors.

    Interesting in real investment, please visit .


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