The Original NEO ICO, RedPulse (RPX)

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    I’ve been on the NEO kick lately writing about ICOs on NEO and the upcoming decentralized exchange on NEO called NEX. But I haven’t written about the original NEO ICO, Red Pulse (RPX).

    In short, Red Pulse is a new tokenized financial market research ecosystem for China.

    Research has changed a lot over the last twenty years. In the 90’s just getting access to information was an advantage.

    That didn’t last for long and over the last decade we’ve gone from trying to get information to having way too much. In other words, information overload.

    Red Pulse aims to bridge the divide as it tries to find the right balance of scale and relevance for research users.

    While Red Pulse will eventually be able to be used anywhere, it’s starting in China. That’s because the information expertise drops off a cliff once you get outside of China. In other words, those outside of China are not the best suited to assess the market. But those in China know all the nuances.

    Why might this work? Well, Wall Street will go to great lengths and spend a lot of money to have an informational edge.

    What Red Pulse does is cover market events impacting Chinese companies and the Chinese economy. And that information is delivered on their distribution platforms which include Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, and FactSet.

    Through the Red Pulse platform market information is aggregated, curated and produced by analysts. The aim is to provide timely, relevant, and actionable advice.

    Red Pulse completed its token sale back in October raising 405,844 NEO. At the time that was worth about $14 million. Now it’s worth nearly $50 million. The token will be used to run the Red Pulse ecosystem and contributors will be paid in RPX tokens.

    On the roadmap the beta launch in the second quarter and the official launch sometime in the second half of the year.

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