gold trading signals

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    gold trading signals

    Gold trading signals , Elliott Wave Patterns and Sells from 1325

    The price of gold continued to rise during the past weeks and reached 1326

    The price of gold during this rally formed the fifth wave or the basic pattern of the Elliott waves

    The third wave within this model is extended and the fifth wave is equal to the length of the first wave

    Which gives an opportunity to sell gold today so we offer gold trading signals for the sale of gold free


    It is preferable to sell gold from the level of 1325 targeting the 1311 level of profit and the level of 1332 to stop loss

    Gold Analysis and Gold Price Outlook and free gold trading signals today

    The end of the basic Elliott wave pattern is an opportunity to sell and the emergence of the Bearish Bearish candlestick is an entry point for selling

    The current bullish wave, which started from 1160 to 1326, is equal to a previous bullish wave and according to the theory of equal waves

    We are expected to see a bearish wave of gold

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