VIEW Token ICO (VIEW) 2018-02-21

Video platform. Decentralized.

  1. ecryptopro
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    Events & Entertainment
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    Start Date:
    February 22nd 2018 12:00 UTC 0
    End Date:
    March 22nd 2018 12:00 UTC
    Payment method:
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • DASH
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    The problem

    Most creators struggle to get going and sustain themselves on ad revenue. They only receive a fraction of value they create. Their ad revenue can disappear overnight due to arbitrary decisions made by middleman platforms.

    Pesky ads
    Ad-based platforms distract us with intrusive ads and promote binge watching in order to increase their revenue. This sacrifices viewer experience and privacy, benefitting only the middleman platforms.

    Expensive content delivery
    The primary cost of incumbent video platforms is global content delivery. This cost is unfairly passed on to creators. Quality content creators pay hosting and storage for all the content that isn’t creating any value.

    The solution

    Direct support
    Viewly provides vote-based tipping, recurring payments from fans and business-sponsored endorsements. All of the revenue flows through the blockchain, secure and safe from middlemen. Creators can start earning right away, as long as they bring value to their audience.

    Ad free
    Viewly aims to be ad free, removing the incentives to track users or manipulate their attention. It facilitates engagement and gives creators a chance to build a community of fans and engage with them in a more meaningful way.

    P2P CDN
    Viewly reduces cost of video delivery by using a peer-to-peer content delivery network. It is a decentralized network that users can join to earn VIEW tokens by leveraging their redundant resources and hosting videos.

    Why blockchain?

    Trustless, instant payments
    Most platforms act as a middleman, controlling the revenue and passing it on to creators weeks after it is generated. Creators have no option but to trust them with their money, and trust they do business in the best interest of the community. Viewly's monetization is decentralized, powered by blockchain and smart contracts. Payments are executed directly between supporting fans or businesses, and creators. They are instant, trustless and permissionless. Viewly users are always in control of their money.

    Content distribution incentives
    Viewly uses VIEW tokens to incentivize people with extra storage and bandwidth capacity to participate in Viewly peer-to-peer content delivery network (P2P CDN). By running Viewly nodes that host and stream videos, anyone can utilize his or her redundant resources and get rewarded with VIEW tokens.

    Treasury-sponsored community projects
    Viewly reserves a share of VIEW tokens for community projects, providing opportunities for community members to get involved in marketing, development or support of the platform. After a project proposal is submitted, a transparent, on-chain voting decides which projects get the green light. Anyone holding VIEW tokens will be able to participate in the voting process and help Viewly evolve in the right direction.

    Decentralized autonomous organization
    Viewly’s long-term goal is to evolve into a full-fledged DAO. Both decentralized technology and governance processes are still under heavy development and experimentation. As we want to get to the market as soon as possible, we will be introducing decentralized platform layers gradually. Starting with content monetization layer and continuing with P2P CDN, both backed by VIEW token. Final stage will be migrating the organizational structure into DAO with treasury, on-chain governance and core team as well as community workers employed through the blockchain.