MovieCoin ICO (MOV) 2018-10-26

The Fintech Platform for the Entertainment Industry

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    Token Symbol:
    Events & Entertainment
    Total Supply:
    Start Date:
    October 31st 2018
    End Date:
    November 30th 2018 23:59 UTC
    Payment method:
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • DASH
    • Fiat Currency
    • Zcash
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    White paper:
    MovieCoin is a next-generation financial technology company focused on leveraging blockchain technology, digital assets and proprietary applications to create a new standard currency for entertainment financing, business transactions and consumer payments.

    The Company has operations spanning content finance and production, business and consumer services and technology development and licensing. MovieCoin’s content finance and production businesses offer programmatic ownership of filmed entertainment assets to financial investors seeking institutionalized exposure to premium content, while its digital assets platform provides businesses with innovative solutions to streamline operations and entertainment enthusiasts with unique and more engaging ways to participate in the movie experience.

    The Company was founded in 2017 by Christopher Woodrow in partnership with BANKEX and is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia with offices in Santa Monica, California and New York, New York.

    Module 1
    Settlement Solutions

    The MovieCoin platform serves as a clearinghouse for instant transaction and contract-related settlements among clients. Users have individual wallets where internally-tethered crypto-USD tokens are seamlessly stored on the platform. With a simple click, the required amount is sent from one party to another without the need of a wire transfer, thereby eliminating operational costs, such as bank charges.

    Module 2
    Audit Solutions

    Clients will benefit from cutting-edge functionality, such as our innovative ledger, which stores MovieCoin clients’ transactional information. It also warehouses all agreements executed by MovieCoin clients. This helps every client clearly understand their current contractual obligations, plus all outstanding and due balances.

    Module 3
    Commerce Solutions

    Through our portal, users can instantly purchase movie tickets, as well as other premium digital and physical goods. Businesses can also use the platform as a “white-label” solution for their digital assets needs.

    Module 4
    Distribution Solutions

    Our platform serves as a primary vehicle for distributing content created by MovieCoin. We will develop partnerships with studios and other film distributors that will also be integrated on to the platform.

    Settlement Solutions

    1. Instant settlement among MovieCoin clients
    2. Reduction of banking operational costs

    Audit Solutions

    1. Distributed ledger storing comprehensive transaction history among parties and agreements
    2. Real-time transparent accounting

    Commerce Solutions

    1. Instant access to premium products including movie tickets
    2. Customizable platform for managing digital assets

    Distribution Solutions

    1. MovieCoin platform content distributed through partner cinema chains.
    2. Full-cycle distribution through cinema chains.