Kucoin Exchange 2017-11-19

Kucoin - A World-class Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

甘醇 Michael Gan
Former technical expert of Ant Financial of Alibaba Group, a veteran of financial solutions, and senior partner of Internet giants like MikeCRM, KF5.COM, etc
唐珂 Eric Don
A senior Internet researcher, systems architect, and Internet industry star. CTO and senior partner of famous IT companies including YOULIN.COM, KITEME and REINIOT, etc.
兰天鹏 Top Lan
Open source community Technical expert, manager of multiple mainstream open source projects in Github, designer and deployer of Kucoin financial exchange system.
John Li
President of the Business Operations Group
President of Jianbang Communication and project director of group-purchase magnates. Managed 30+ group-purchase service centers over China with his special insight of consumer finance.
Jack Zhu
Marketing Director
Operations Director of iBOX PAY Southwestern China, manager of a marketing team with 300+ employees.
李航 Kent Li
Operation Director
Operations & Maintenance development expert, Operations & Maintenance director and architects of multiple Internet titans, Stanford University REAP project Operations & Maintenance director.
冉续 Remy Ran
Product Designer
A senior online product designer, product design director worked for multiple industry leaders, excelling at product design, UI&UE design and front-end development.
Art Designer
An experienced advertising media creative director who worked for famous companies like Ogilvy, best at enterprise brand building & promotion, whose designs had been included in Asia-Pacific Design multiple times.
黄超 Luffy
Principle iOS Engineer
A senior iOS and Andriod developer (especially iOS), a Github active user & contributor, and a team leader.
张志鹏 Will Zhang
Principle Android Engineer
Once worked as in charge for 91 assistant android Team in ChengDu ,after worked for Baidu Company the rank of T5 ,has two patents
Principle Backend Engineer
A industry veteran who has 8-year experience of IT product development and management, in charge of enterprise high-performance service solutions development in HUAWEI and megadata & IT system development in SKSPRUSE. Keen on new technologies and have unique insight with Internet & Megadata industry.
Principle Fronted Engineer
A senior front-end engineer who is proficient in enterprise app development and network safety standards, a former employee of MikeCRM, whose ability lies in his rigorous full-stack technology stack.