Hashflare Cloud Mining 2017-11-24

HashFlare.io offers cryptocurrency cloud mining services on modern, high-efficiency equipment

  1. Dennis
    Version: 2017-11-24
    Hashflare is amazing. Even with all the turmoil today my Ethereum mining contract is still on track for profitability and my Bitcoin mining contract is more profitable than ever. Very satisfied.
  2. SimoCoin
    Version: 2017-11-24
    I can see some people put money and never reinvest in more hashpower .. and they expect to have a return in investment ..

    really dude ? you know that BTC difficulty raises almost every week ... so if you stay at your same hashpower .. you will start losing money ... the best way is to reinvest everyday for 6 months ( hashpower ) ... and then start withdrawing your money after 6 months .. and you will thank me for it

    anyway .. i have just invested $2700 for 18 TH/s ( Bitcoin ) will add more details every week here