Faceter (FACE) ICO 2018-02-14

Know the people around you

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    Machine Learning & AI
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    Start Date:
    February 15th 2018 07:00 UTC 0
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    March 30th 2018 07:00 UTC - -
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    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
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    • Bitcoin Cash
    • DASH
    • Monero
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    South Africa
    White paper:
    Video surveillance systems are currently the most efficient technical tool to ensure public safety by the means of recording facts and controlling the situation at any site.

    Current problems in the field of video surveillance

    • Computer vision technologies are expensive to develop and require the additional expense of requiring substantial computing resources to run.
    • Most video surveillance systems are of little use, and therefore inherently inefficient, since it is only possible to record data via videos, and store video archives.
    • There are currently no products to analyze video streams by means of objects, faces or event recognition that are remotely affordable to consumers.
    Faceter’s solution – what makes it so awesome

    • Faceter is the first blockchain surveillance system for consumers. Computer vision technology on the blockchain powered by a decentralized network of miners makes the product affordable for all-sized businesses and mass market consumers.
    • The benefit from a mining perspective is that a contribution of miner's resources to Faceter is twice as profitable as the mining of Ether on the same Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s)*
      *Compared to estimated profit from mining Ether with two NVIDIA Tesla M60 graphics cards (2x16Mh/s).
    • Faceter makes video surveillance smart, giving brains to cameras through enhanced face detection, object detection and real-time video analysis.
    • At Faceter’s technological core is the absolute respect for privacy, and the utilization of the features of convolutional neural networks to split the tasks reinforces this commitment.
    Primary features of Faceter
    Faceter is a system which makes video surveillance smart by giving eyes to cameras — computer vision, facial recognition, object detection and video content analysis in real time. In the next stage, all these abilities will be combined into one — “understanding” the situation and then reacting to it. We call this concept “event security model”.

    The technology’s algorithm was proven by LFW and MegaFace
    test, which are the most trusted in the industry.

    Object and facial recognition and resultant behavioral analysis
    Greatly enhances the capabilities of video surveillance systems to detect potential threats or such events as a smiling customer, a focused employee, etc.

    Fog computing
    The cost of the product is significantly reduced by involving cryptocurrency miners into a decentralized computing network to perform recognition calculations with the added benefit of offering miners a higher income-earning opportunity.

    Machine learning
    Using neural networks, you can teach Faceter to react on variations of certain events.

    Data protection
    Faceter does not process the source video stream outside its trusted environment; only anonymized data is transferred to decentralized networks.

    Faceter uses all the nascent opportunities of smart contracts to deliver flexible and transparent payment options and as well as proof-of-recognition mechanisms to a Fog computing network. This is the way Faceter contributes to the growth of the crypto-industry.

    The Faceter token is the “fuel” of a decentralized network enabling flexible, transparent, cross-border closed-loop settlement mechanism for all participants.

    For Customers
    Faceter transforms ordinary cameras into advanced security systems that “understand” what’s going on with fast, accurate, and efficient facial detection and recognition. It enables a new level of service for your security needs.

    For Miners
    Cryptocurrency miners can rent their equipment to Faceter and make more money than they would by mining. They’ll make money 2.5 times more quickly than mining Ethereum, and 5 times more quickly than mining Monero. Faceter will use a decentralized infrastructure to reduce computing costs.

    For All Users
    The product is ready for B2B customers and has been tested in three successful proofs of concept. The team has clear plan for development the mass market version, which means that FACE tokens stand a chance to be put to intended use within a timeframe set in the project’s roadmap.

    Faceter Decentralized Network
    Video stream analysis requires immense computing power. We are planning to build a decentralized network that implements fog computing, drastically reducing the price of our product to make it affordable for homeowners and business owners around the world.