Bibox Exchange 2.0 2018-03-03


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    • Network transaction fee
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    • According to Taker and Maker rules
    • If you have BIX, you can chose BIX to pay the trading fee with discount.
    If you pay with BIX, the discount rate as below:

    The 1st Year: 50%, The 2nd Year:25%, The 3rd Year:12.5%, The 4th Year: 6.25%, The 5th Year: 0%
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    What's Bibox?

    Bibox is a AI Enhanced Encrypted Digital Asset Exchange. (soon to be decentralized)
    Bibox’s founding team is formed by top tier Chinese blockchain giants (Okcoin and Houbi core team). The team includes early bitcoin enthusiasts, adopters of block chain, established series entrepreneurs, professional securities trader, Venture Capitalists (VC), high-tech Angel Investors, and one of the best A.I experts in the industry.

    Bibox platform utilizes the most advanced distributed cluster system to ensure its handling capacity of more than 10 million users and enhance its huge error tolerance. Bibox can match trades with amounts of millions trades per second, which shortens the execution time enormously for each trade.
    Direct Competitor Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Binance, Kucoin.
    Soon 0x, Kyber, Airswap, DecentralizedEX

    Why choose Bibox?

    Bibox boast it's AI technology integration on providing quantitative computation and analysis on trading, personalized risk management, speech recogniton and scoring coins that will be listed. They will start trading on BTC, and other prominent crpytocurrency and will create a future option for CNY, HKD, EUR and JPN direct trading. Bibox will also offer Leveraging, TWAS, Iceberg order priority, stop-loss and other financial services to help it's invetors on using it's platform.


    Token Metrics
    500,000,000 BIX total token
    Hcap 150,000 ETH / $45mil

    Angel Deal Lock for 3 months
    Presale Deal 28% bonus Lock
    Early Deal 2,000 BIX
    Ico Deal 1,800 BIX

    55% - ICO, 35% - Team, 10% - Angel

    Crowdsale Ethereum cap is 150,000 total of 275,000,000 BIX to be on sale. Crowdsale ends on Oct 31.
    50% of Funds will be allocated to Development. 30% for Marketing. Daily Operation is 15%. Consulting a 3.5% and Intellectual Property 1.5%.

    Post ICO.

    Total Tokens 271,520,349.0486 BIX =<
    Circulationg 131,520,349.0486 BIX =< (Speculative)
    Marketcap 73,077 ETH =<

    Bullish notes

    They have a working exchange that will be launching this November 10. The project has been confidential until the recent regulation in China. It’s been in development since 2016, They’ve claim that it'sable to handle more than hundred millions US dollars in trading volume every day.

    They will also offer decentralization adoption in their exchange, once more users has adopted the platform.

    As of 10/30/2017 270mil tokens has been distributed minus 175M from the team and add 20% out of it and we got 180mil, that equates to 100k Eth with a Total Market cap approx of $30,000,000/ $40,000,000 for a $300 per Ethers. With this number there is a big chance for a flip and nice gains. Comparing it to Binance where they peaked at 300mil and stabilized at 130mil. We can approximately speculate that Bibox can do a x8 (5 months) and rest at x4. (2 months)

    Looking at their team we can say that they are already pioneer in this space. As mostly they are comprised of Okcoin and Houbi core members tho team is not publicly revealed until FUD is in the air.

    Their platform will offer spot trading, leverage trading, security lending and contract lending. They will also list security token which is kind of unique as we all know that this will be a hot topic for SEC. They will also have a rigorous filter qualifications to tokens that will be listed on their exchange. Some future functions they are preparing are complex order system: conditional order, TWAP, Iceberg order, and stop and loss. Last but not the least is the incorporation of their programmed AI in assisting the platform. It’s AI technology will be available via fee to help and assist you on trading, that provides quantitative algorithms that made accessible for individual investors.

    Regarding the token, they will be burning unsold tokens and every quarter, 25% of their total profit will be used to buy back their tokens to burn, until it reaches 200mil in total.

    Regarding their Advisors, they’re looking hot. Especially Wang of HPB protocol as it can help upgrade their AI technology. While Galam and Lee can offer trading strategies they’ve been using. Mr Tank is a fellow of ACCA that have helped numerous companies like WOFE, JV, Sino-China.

    Bearish notes

    One of the major issue is that China is still in FUD mode, majority of chinese investors are prohibited from joining ICOs. 40% total crypto money are from china. Even VPNs in China are banned. Which limit the chinese inclusion in the ico. The area where they also want to get into has a lot of competition. Existing centralized and soon decentralized exchanges, with this we can see hurdles on how Bibox will thrive in the competitive market. Another concerning issue is possible new regulation can also affect Bibox… Another is there is no cap which makes big moneys be able to get more tokens.


    When companies are trying to list their tokens on BIBOX they will be needing to pay BIX as a fee. Burning of tokens until it reached 200,000,000 total circulating. Tokens are also used as as fee in using BIBOX/decentralized platform. There are VIP applications that are also only available for BIX holders to use.

    Key Notes:

    Potential upside of x6/x10 on a bullish market
    Could be a quick flip if they provide team's public infos that will prove they are from okcoin and houbi
    Burning, buyback and usage of tokens
    Claiming to be 2.0 of exchanges
    20Mil raised (binance did 15M)